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Hello, buy the game yesterday in, I would like to know how they send me the steam key?

Do you have the game's system requirements? And if I get the game here on, will I be promised access to future updates here on after the Steam release?


Thanks for your interest in the game. Yes updates to the game on Steam will be rolled out here on @DavidGarol

Thanks for the tip-off. I hope this stays the same regardless of circumstances.

No sweat PookaMustard ...I've added the system requirements to the page as well.


if i get this game on, would i need to buy it again on steam or do you provide a steam copy also? (when released

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Hi Morbidru If you purchase the game here I will send you a Steam Key when I launch the game on Steam. Thanks and Regards @DavidGarol LoragGames

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